things: dossier

In her choreography, Saskia Hölbling focuses on all the objects that often otherwise go unnoticed. In her current work she literally lets things dance out of line.

Hölbling takes the constantly increasing accumulation of objects as an opportunity to create a dispositif in which she embraces all this luxuriance and abundance.

The dancers Anna Hein, Leonie Wahl, Ardan Hussain and Jan Jakubal invite the objects to dance. In motion, the objects find their own life, are mounted on the bodies, draped around them, they become landscapes or locations, sculptures or outfits. An inspiring interplay that constantly gives rise to new situations.

The things take shape, are reinvented.
The boundaries between human and object dissolve.

It comes to touching encounters, fantastic sculptures are formed, new worlds arise, an unceasing process of emergence and decay that in all its multitudes keeps us under its spell.


choreography, staging: Saskia Hölbling, dance, choreography: Ardan Hussain, Jan Jakubal, Leonie Wahl, Anna Hein, music, composition: Wolfgang Mitterer, assistance music: Moritz Cizek, costume, stage: Gudrun Lenk-Wane, lights: Reto Schubiger, management: Simon Hajós

A DANS.KIAS production.
Supported by the cultural department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria for Arts and Culture.