body in a metal structure: dossier

A piece by Saskia Hölbling and Laurent Goldring
Based on an idea by Saskia Hölbling

choreography, staging:
Saskia Hölbling and Laurent Goldring, dance, performance: Saskia Hölbling, sculpture, performance-scaffold: Gudrun Lenk-Wane, music, sound: Nik Hummer, lights: Reto Schubiger, production, management: Simon Hajós

"body in a metal structure" forms the start of the “Squatting Projects”, a series of dance-performance appointments that settle parasitically in places where they are actually out of place by occupying existing structures and scrounging off their infrastructures: an inconspicuous, unused building scaffold, simultaneously a mobile sculpture and performance venue, fits in to the proliferation of building sites, which owing to their omnipresence are already fading from our field of perception.

At the centre of this sculpture, which always seems a little out of place, a body then sets out to deconstruct relationships with its urban surroundings, engaging in with quite discreet acts of civil disobedience.

In a world of highways, grey facades and building sites that, accelerated into wasteland, merge completely into advertising space, massively displayed and celebrated in lights to transform global needs into continuous consumption, a body occupies these axes of directed flow.
Makes steel pipes and sharp edges, protruding shafts of screws and bursting metal joints its own, assembles them into its home, creates its own architecture of desire and develops its own delirium between skin and metal.

With "body in a metal structure" Saskia Hölbling and Laurent Goldring create a delicate and quiet organic manifesto in the midst of functioning structures, a new form of art occupation in overly organised conurbations.

A DANS.KIAS production
co-produced by the donaufestival, in co-operation with the Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus WUK, subsisdied by the Cultural Deparment of the City of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.