current project


With the “Squatting Projects”, a series of dance performances in public spaces is starting (indoors and outdoors) that can take place in theatres, museums, airports or railway stations just as much as in public squares or areas.

The aim is to enrich the urban environment with subversive body images or potential body visions by connecting up with a performance unit. The start of the “Squatting Projects” series is the work “body in a metal structure”.

"body in a metal structure" forms the start of the “Squatting Projects. At the centre of this sculpture, which always seems a little out of place, a body then sets out to deconstruct relationships with its urban surroundings, engaging in with quite discreet acts of civil disobedience.

"bodies (with)in fences" opens the second chapter. “bodies in tubes” forms the third and final part of the "Squatting Projects".

The “Squatting Project” idea – a nomadic guerrilla stage

The idea of a stage in its contemporary dimension is to be extrapolated into public space, that is, implanted in urban reality, through a mobile performance unit.

An informal performance appointment that establishes itself parasitically in places where it is actually out of place, or where it occupies an existing structure and sponges off its infrastructure.

Constructed, housed, accompanied by performers whose actions repeatedly put the body and environment into new relations, set in motion and thereby initiate very discreet acts of civil disobedience.

Put differently:

A hybrid that mediates between the environment, society and culture.

A temporarily implanted performative artefact that is designed to disturb rigid patterns of thought and supposed harmonies, or to call ostensibly coherent structures into question.

A new form of art occupation in over-organised conurbations

A changing cult, cultural and accommodation site.