corps à corps: dossier

Saskia Hölbling interweaves the ideas of the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy into “Corps à Corps” and with her contemporary dance performance deals with red-hot issues of world events in an abstract and intensive form.

"Our billions of images show billions of bodies – as bodies have never been shown before. Crowds, piles, melees, bundles, columns, troops, swarms, armies, bands, stampedes, panics, tiers, processions, collisions, massacres, mass graves, communions, dispersions, a sur-plus always an overflowing of bodies, all at one and the same time, compacted in masses and pulverizing dispersals, ... abandoned to the structuring agitation of their endless, generalized, departure ...“

choreography, staging: Saskia Hölbling, dance, choreography: Adriana Cubides, Ardan Hussain, Jan Jakubal, Leonie Wahl, dramaturgy: Florian Tröbinger, music, composition: Wolfgang Mitterer, assistance music: Moritz Cizek, puppets, scenography and costume: Gudrun Lenk-Wane, lights: Gerald Pappenberger, management: Simon Hajó

A DANS.KIAS production.
With financial support from the Cultural Department of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Chancellery for Arts and Culture